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Happy Holidays From Sarah Coventry

Sarah Coventry where famous for having jewellery to suit every occasion.

Throughout the years main collections where produced for each season. Sarah Coventry also graced their fans with mini supplement collections. Such as the “1976 Holiday Jewellery Collection”. Which had select pieces to accompany the Fall/Winter 1976 Jewellery Collection catalogue.

This mini collection boosted ‘Brand New’ jewellery and gift ideas that had never been seen before. “Ensuring they where unique in everyway.”

Sarah Coventry 1976 Holiday Jewellery Collection Catalog

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Vintage Sarah Coventry Fashion Jewellery Catalogue – Jewellery Research

“Hello, may I invite you to share in the wonderful exciting world of fashion, either as a Hostess or a Fashion Show Director for Sarah Coventry.”

One of the first vintage jewellery brands I started to collect was Sarah Coventry, now my collection includes not just jewellery but a range of catalogues, adverts and cardex files. In this article I will share with you a Sarah Coventry catalogue I recently found simply titled…

Fine Fashion Jewellery By Sarah Coventry.
Vintage Sarah Coventry Jewellery Catalogue

After the glamorous art work on the cover we are treated to bright pink lettering saying ‘Hello‘, and inviting us to step into the wonderful world that is Sarah Coventry.
The pages are both colourful and intriguing, offering many styles and designs of jewellery from famous brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklace sets.
All as advertised in numerous publications to include, Vanity Fair, TV Times, Flair, Vogue, Woman’s Own, Nova, Radio Times, Queen, Woman Realm, Woman, Woman’s Journal, Good Housekeeping as well as Woman & Home.

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