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Happy Holidays From Sarah Coventry

Sarah Coventry where famous for having jewellery to suit every occasion.

Throughout the years main collections where produced for each season. Sarah Coventry also graced their fans with mini supplement collections. Such as the “1976 Holiday Jewellery Collection”. Which had select pieces to accompany the Fall/Winter 1976 Jewellery Collection catalogue.

This mini collection boosted ‘Brand New’ jewellery and gift ideas that had never been seen before. “Ensuring they where unique in everyway.”

Sarah Coventry 1976 Holiday Jewellery Collection Catalog

“We at Sarah Coventry hope that the special selection of holiday jewellery which you see here will play a part in your holiday plans. Each item is brand new. So weather you select items for yourself or as gifts for friends or relatives. You are assured they are unique in every way.
So sit back, and enjoy this mini-shopping spree.”
It’s Sarah’s way of saying “Happy Holidays for 1976.”

Sarah Coventry Christmas Jewellery

Tis the season to choose Sarah.

The mini collection from 1976 includes the very collectable ‘Christmas Heritage Drop’ pendant. Which features imported Austrian glass stones. A limited edition piece, which came specially gift boxed. It was only available for purchase through December 1976.

Plus one of my personal favourites. The ‘Blue Cloud’ faux turquoise jewellery set. Which featured a statement necklace, matching ring and earrings for pierced ears. This jewellery set is also shown in later adverts and catalogues.

Sarah Coventry Holiday Jewellery

Most of the jewellery in the collection features imported Austrian rhinestones and crystals. Giving Sarah’s customers both style and quality at affordable prices. The ‘Holiday Jewellery’ collection also included a petite necklace titled ‘Starlet Choker’ which was aimed at the younger wearer.

The last page highlights Sarah Coventry’s Golden Guarantee. The jewellery is all easy to wear and perfect for gift giving.

Contact your ‘Fashion Show Director’ to purchase!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays From Sarah Coventry

  1. This is fantastic, my mother brought Sarah Coventry jewellery in the 70s. It was very popular, however I’ve never seen this catalogue before, thank you for sharing. What a great insight to the company.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I’m pleased you like this page.

  2. I was looking for details about the Christmas Heritage Drop necklace, it looks just like a Christmas Tree Decoration, did Sarah Coventry ever make Tree Decorations?

    1. It does look like a tree decoration, however it’s not 3D, the back is flat like most necklace pendants. As yet I have not found or seen any Sarah Coventry Christmas tree decorations, however the company where known to make some ‘unusual’ items, including coffee pots and wall mirrors for it’s sales representatives. They also made 45″ vinyls with ‘Christmas Sales Messages’ and Christmas cards.
      So really I guess anything is possible…

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