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Queenie’s Top Ten Vintage Picks for April !

Timeless Vintage Pearl Jewellery

‘Vintage Pearl’ jewellery is always in Vogue darling. With it’s timeless quality’s, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn or today’s Sarah Jessica Parker. We’ve fallen for pearls lustre.

Items featured:

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‘Queenie’s Top Ten’ is a monthly blog feature. Showcasing handpicked vintage jewellery, to produce wearable collections and offer inspiration for each season.
Vintage jewellery is always in fashion. While wearing vintage jewellery can be a more ethical and sustainable choice. With less impact on our environment.

Our Story
Queenie’s Bazaar offers a beautiful collection of handpicked true vintage jewellery. Responsibly sourced to offer timeless style. Quality and beauty.
Every piece of vintage jewellery has a history or story to tell, which continues with you.

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