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Queenie’s Top Ten Vintage Picks for July!

Pretty Pastels

Think pastel vintage jewellery with candy hues and ice-cream shades. Pretty pastels are undergoing a radical makeover. Bringing the palette of the 1950s to modern day. Wear them with a twist. Accessorize with figural brooches and gold tone.

Pretty Pastels – Items featured:

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‘Queenie’s Top Ten’ is a monthly blog feature. Showcasing handpicked vintage jewellery, to produce wearable collections and offer inspiration for each season.
Vintage jewellery is always in fashion. While wearing vintage jewellery can be a more ethical and sustainable choice. With less impact on our environment.

Our Story
Queenie’s Bazaar offers a beautiful collection of handpicked true vintage jewellery. Responsibly sourced to offer timeless style. Quality and beauty.
Every piece of vintage jewellery has a history or story to tell, which continues with you.

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