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Vintage Sarah Coventry Fashion Jewellery Catalogue – Jewellery Research

“Hello, may I invite you to share in the wonderful exciting world of fashion, either as a Hostess or a Fashion Show Director for Sarah Coventry.”

One of the first vintage jewellery brands I started to collect was Sarah Coventry, now my collection includes not just jewellery but a range of catalogues, adverts and cardex files. In this article I will share with you a Sarah Coventry catalogue I recently found simply titled…

Fine Fashion Jewellery By Sarah Coventry.
Vintage Sarah Coventry Jewellery Catalogue

After the glamorous art work on the cover we are treated to bright pink lettering saying ‘Hello‘, and inviting us to step into the wonderful world that is Sarah Coventry.
The pages are both colourful and intriguing, offering many styles and designs of jewellery from famous brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklace sets.
All as advertised in numerous publications to include, Vanity Fair, TV Times, Flair, Vogue, Woman’s Own, Nova, Radio Times, Queen, Woman Realm, Woman, Woman’s Journal, Good Housekeeping as well as Woman & Home.

This Sarah Coventry catalogue is dated April 1968 and offers us a wonderful insight into the style and fashion of the time as well as offering over 85 unique pieces of jewellery.

Below I have picked out a few favourites to showcase.

Sarah Coventry Cosmopolitan Brooch AdvertVintage Sarah Coventry Gold Brooch Jewellery Pins

Cosmopolitan – Brooch

Described as “A deep amber color glass center stone catches and reflects the light in this striking pin with its dimensional, yet gracefully beautiful setting. A perfect fashion accent for those beige to brown tones… yet lovely on most any color.”
6550 Pin – SarahGlo goldentone

Golden Harvest – Brooch

“A design from nature is always in good taste and knows no season. This textured and highly polished goldentone leaf can grace your lapel for any occasion from springtime to golden harvest.”
6592 Pin – SarahGlo goldentone

vintage sarah coventry jewellery cataloguevintage sarah coventry catalogue

Some well loved designs featured in this Sarah Coventry catalogue are the ‘Fashion Petals‘ brooch with matching earrings in Pink, Green and Black. ‘Peta-Lure‘ pin and earrings plus the ‘Petite Fleur‘ jewellery set.
The ‘Sea Charms‘ bracelet and the timeless ‘Golden Lantern‘ bracelet described as “Lustrous baroque pearls encased in a textured goldentone rope cage give an illusion of a row of golden lanterns. A delicate bracelet designed to flatter your wrist and enhance your costume.”

vintage sarah coventry jewellery advertsSarah Coventry Vintage Jewellery Brooch Ring Set

On page 8 we see the stunning ‘Tailored Elegance‘ brooch listed as “There are costumes that call for the simplest pin. Just a touch of tailored Elegance to give just the right fashion accent to your outfit.
This unusual pin design from nature with its textured golden tone finish is a real classic. Wear it anywhere and everywhere.”
6510 Pin – SarahGlo goldentone

Moving onto page 18 we see the ornate designed ‘Heritage‘ jewellery set comprising of a brooch and ring. Which is described as “Take the antique leaf design in goldentone surrounding the large topaz color glass stone and you have a pin of unforgettable beauty. A ring of matching golden topaz colour completes the fashion set.”
6638 – Pin
5138 – Ring
SarahGlo goldentone

sarah coventry jewellery advertsSarah Coventry Jewellery Catalogue

Vogue – Ring

Lastly one of the final items we see in this Sarah Coventry adverting catalogue is the ‘Vogue‘ ring. Which is a firm favourite with its easy to wear design of black rhinestone centre. Described as “Will be in vogue season after season and add just the right touch of glamour to your after-5 costumes.”
5149 Ring – SarahGlo silvertone

Most importantly that’s what Sarah Coventry jewellery will be remembered for, it’s perfect ability to fit with any outfit during any season.
No matter your style Sarah Coventry jewellery will tick the correct box. All of the designs are timeless and fit perfectly with today’s modern woman.

Featured in this article:

Cosmopolitan – Brooch
Golden Harvest – Brooch
Peta-Lure – Brooch
Petite Fleur – Brooch
Sea Charms – Bracelet
Delightful – Bracelet
Tailored Elegance – Brooch
Heritage – Brooch
Harmony – Bracelet
Vogue – Ring


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