Risis Vintage ‘Vanda Miss Joaquim’ Orchid Earrings (Gold)



Another beautiful product from Risis. These natural Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchids have been plated in 24 carat gold.

Post stud earrings.

Measuring approximately 2.3cm at largest point. In good condition, complete with original tag.

Products from Risis Singapore fascinate me for there striking beauty and clever craftsmanship. Risis take beautiful real orchid flowers then coat them in 24K gold. Each one is different and unique no 2 items are the same. All Risis items make a wonderful gift and great talking point.

About Risis Jewellery

“Since 1976 Risis Orchids have been capturing the beauty of natural orchids. With its collection of real orchid blooms carefully plated in the finest 24K gold and palladium. The most highly coveted of ornamental plants. The orchid is a flower of great meaning and symbolism. It is a flower of love, luxury, beauty and strength.” Source – Risis


Item: Earrings (Post Studs)
Size: 2.3cm
Condition: Vintage – In good condition.
Designer or Brand: Risis